Soul City FR


Choreography: Didier Boutiana

In the creole language of Reunion Island, “kanyar” refers to a person considered as an outcast. To marginalization. Choreographer Didier Boutiana tackles psychological and social conditioning of the individual, and the consequences of exclusion. As every violent experience, the break of a social link leaves scars in our body, in our emotions and breath. For the development of postures, gestures and movements, the choreographer researches in his own experiences and environment. A body crosses space. He questions social rules, also those of theater itself. He exceeds conventions to free himself.

Artistic Crew:
CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMER Didier Boutiana | DRAMATURGY Vincent Fontano, Dirk Korell | COMPOSER Labelle | VOCALIZER Maya Kamaty | TEXTS Francky Lauret | OUTSIDE VIEW Soraya Thomas | PSYCHOANALYSIS & ADVICE Lydia Ledig | SET CONCEPTION Didier Boutiana, Vincent Fontano, Dirk Korell | SET CONSTRUCTION Cédric Perraudeau & Norrlands Operan Umeå | LIGHT CREATION Stéphane Rouaud | STAGE MANAGER & SET OPERATOR Jean-Marie Vigot | COSTUME REALIZATION Isabelle Gastellier | PRODUCTION Dirk Korell | ADMINISTRATION Sandrine Bendaoud

Théâtres Départementaux de La Réunion/TEAT Champ Fleuri/TEAT Plein Air | La Cité des Arts, Reunion Island | Norrlands Operan Umeå | Théâtre Les Bambous | Théâtre Vladimir Canter | Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle/Cie Accrorap, direction Kader Attou

Funders and Supporters:
DAC Océan Indien | Région Réunion | Conseil départemental de La Réunion

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