Laboratory Dance Project


Laboratory Dance Project KR

Chang-ho Shin


  • 31 August
    20:30 – 21:45
  • CENTRAL | Small Stage
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Double bill:
  • Total duration: 75min
  • Area: 40
    Dance of Korea


Choreography: Chang-ho Shin

No comment. Sometimes that is how the truth really is told. Like the calme pulse, the thumping of the blood that rocks the body, truth is the struggle for reality. NO COMMENT starts with this simple, yet intriguing movement of the heartbeat and lets the dancers develop a quiet study of the essence of life full of energy and drive. Chang-ho Shin is the choreographer of this most popular piece of Laboratory Dance Project in Korea. He is the mastermind behind the popularity and reputation of today’s Laboratory Dance Project, a choreographer of “delicate muscular moves and striking energy”.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Won-ho Jang, Sung-hyun Kim, Hyuk Kang, Jeong-min Lee, Gun Jung, Ha-neul Jung, Sun-tae Lee, Young-chae Kim, Dae-kyo Han, Ji-gong Kim | LIGHTING DESIGNER Jung-hwa Kim

Funders and Supporters:
Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism | Korea Arts Management Service | Center Stage Korea