Professional Visitors and Exhibitor Attendants

Professional Visitors and Exhibitor Attendants can reserve their tickets through their Tanzmesse accounts. The tickets are included in the registration fee.
Please note, for outdoor performances and the installation by Peggy Baker not ticket is needed. If you would like to attend the "International Meeting of Performing Arts Producers, Agents, Managers" please register through the form of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Public Audience

For the dance-enthusiastic audience in North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond, we have selected seven performances that are bookable through our ticketing service Universe respectively Reservix for Leverkusen. Tickets range between 9,50 Euro and 17,80 Euro. We are also look forward to welcoming the public audience at our outdoor performances in Düsseldorf.

Here you find an overview of the performances with tickets available for the public.