Registration & Tickets

Registration & Tickets
internationale tanzmesse nrw 2022 (c) Dirk Rose

Professional Visitors & Exhibitor Attendants

Registration for Professional Visitors and Exhibitors Attendants for internationale tanzmesse nrw 2024 will start in June 2024.

You can participate in internationale tanzmesse nrw as a Professional Visitor or as an Exhibitor Attendant. Exhibitor Attendants are link to an Area in the Exhibition Space and will receive an invitation from the Area Coordinator to register as an Exhibitor Attendant.
Professional Visitors have no link to an Area and can register directly after setting up their Tanzmesse Account.

Registration for Exhibitor Attenandants and Professional Visitors costs 155 Euro + 7 % VAT.
The registration includes:

  • Access to the AGORA and all Tanzmesse venues
  • Ticket reservation for Open Studios, Insights, Talk & Connect, Meet-ups and Performances as well as Pre-Day NRW
  • Listing on Participants List (pdf version just before Tanzmesse starts)
  • Access to Participants List in your Tanzmesse account
  • Access to Parties

Set-up your Tanzmesse account for registration and other activities HERE.

Audience tickets

For the dance-enthusiastic audience in North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond, we have picked 5 Performance Highlights:

28 August: Panzetti / Ticconi - AeReA - Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz (outdoor / no ticket needed)

29 August: CENA 11 / Alejandro Ahmed - I'M NOT JUST ME IN MYSELF - Mitsubishi Electric HALLE (Advance sales from June 2024)

30 August: Diana Niepce - Anda, Diana - tanzhaus nrw (Advance sales from June 2024)
30 August: Converge+ / Idio Chichava - VAGABUNDUS - Mitsubishi Electric HALLE (Advance sales from June 2024)

31 August: Dance On Ensemble / Christos Papadopoulos - MELLOWING - Opernhaus Düsseldorf - Tickets