Dear artists, partner, colleagues and friends,

as everyone everywhere, we are very concerned and impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But we continue our preparation for the internationale tanzmesse nrw 2020. As the dates for internationale tanzmesse nrw will be at the end of the summer from 26 - 30 August 2020, we believe we have a good chance that Tanzmesse would take place as planned. Of course, the final decision will not be ours, but will be the decision of national, local and state authorities that will determine the situation in Germany as well as the situation worldwide. In the meantime, please continue to interact with us. We kindly ask all selected artists to continue to provide us with the promotional information and technical information as requested.

If conditions develop where it is not possible to open the internationale tanzmesse nrw we should know that by early summer. If you have already booked your flights and hotel rooms, we encourage you to keep your reservations. Early summer is still plenty of time to make arrangement for flights and hotel rooms or change existing reservations if necessary.

For the next four weeks we are all working in home offices and the office of internationale tanzmesse nrw is closed for that period of time. Like all of us, we assume you are feeling the impact of the isolation while you quarantine at your homes.

Please, take care everybody, stay healthy and keep the spirits up. In these difficult times we are all badly missing the arts as one of the richest expressions of human beings. Let’s hope that this will be over soon and with not too many victims and sacrifices. We are all continuing working, soplease feel free to reach out to us (best via email) for any questions or comments you might have or to tell us how you are and how is the situation in your cities and countries.

We are looking forward to seeing everybody in August and to enjoy the arts again live on stage together!

Dieter Jaenicke and the Tanzmesse team


The internationale tanzmesse nrw hosts the largest professional gathering dedicated exclusively to contemporary dance. The internationale tanzmesse nrw takes place every two years, generally at the end of August, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Exhibition Halls of the Tanzmesse are a space where companies, artists, local governments and agencies can present the work they do or represent artists. The Exhibition Halls are organised in differently sized booths, which international professionals can visit during the opening hours.

The Festival Programme of the Tanzmesse is an opportunity for Tanzmesse Exhibitors to present their work live, in the shape of fully produced performances or in the form of Open Studios, on 11 of the best stages for dance in Düsseldorf. The artistic programme is a selection of performances chosen from proposals submitted by artists. A thematic focus for the Tanzmesse 2020 Programme will be "Tradition and the Present".

The debates and information sessions present opportunities for Tanzmesse participants to network in smaller groups on specific and practical topics.

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Urgent scam warning

[16/03/2020] Not new this year, but as ever present, we have again been informed that organisations not associated with internationale tanzmesse nrw are contacting ...

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Important Dates

26 Aug 2020
30 Aug 2020

The internationale tanzmesse nrw 2020 will take place between August 26th and 30th in Düsseldorf.

We will inform all applicants about the jury decisions for the Tanzmesse Programme 2020 in January 2020.