New AGORA Venue

The internationale tanzmesse nrw 2024 is excited to announce that we are moving our exhibition space AGORA to a new venue. We are embarking on a new chapter and space by temporarily populating the building of the former Central Library of Düsseldorf next to the main station of Düsseldorf. The upcoming Tanzmesse will revitalize this currently vacant, former public space with a new purpose and life.

Architect Markus Miessen's open spatial concept from 2022, creating room for encounters and networking, will be revived and adjusted for this unique venue. All furniture built will be reused and set up in the new space. The structure encourages networking and lively exchanges.

Notably, the library's acoustics create a much quieter ambiance than our previous location, fostering a perfect environment for conversations. Additional space and a more accessible venue provide the opportunity for everyone to move around the Agora independently.

Besides the added benefit of improved acoustics and accessibility, this location brings all Tanzmesse venues closer together. Situated near Düsseldorf's central station, our main venues - tanzhaus nrw and FFT Düsseldorf - are within walking distance.

Relocating the Agora, albeit temporarily, reaffirms our commitment to sustainability. The area around Düsseldorf main station, currently undergoing development, is emerging as an epicentre for cultural activities. It's vital for the public and arts communities to have access to spaces in the city's heart for interactions and gatherings. By reinvigorating the former building of the central library of Düsseldorf with vivid conversations and endeavours, we are confident to set an inspiring example how to imagine the future of the building.

Please note, while this building wasn't designed for modern cooling, it can get quite hot during the summer. Within the next month, we will work on creating a space for everyone’s comfort and to make this a great experience for each of you.

As we step into this exciting new era for Tanzmesse, we can't wait to see how we will fill this place with vibrant stories and new encounters together with all of you.