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Abdoulaye Konate

Humming Bird – Colibri

Humming Bird – Colibri

Choreography: Abdoulaye Konate

The hummingbird’s life is full of traps. While it tirelessly seeks to overcome all these obstacles in its life, this dazzling little bird always manages to make a contribution to the community it lives in. In today’s society, which subordinates the common good to consumption, the hummingbird serves choreographer Abdoulaye Trésor Konate as a model and metaphor: Through abstract, evocative and poetic gestures, Hummingbird – Colibri calls on us to participate in the development of our environment and the universal well-being, just like the hummingbird does – so that everyone can blossom.

Artistic Crew / Team:
CHOREGRAPHER & DANCER Abdoulaye Trésor Konate | MUSIC Marc Veh | SCENOGRAPHER Ikhyeon Park | LIGHT Blaise Jacquemin | AUTHOR Jean-Pierre Hamon

Pole Sud CDC de Strasbourg

Funders and Supporters:
La DRAC, La ville de Strasbourg, la Région Grand-Est , L’Agence Culturelle Grand-Est, Pole Danse des Ardennes de Sedan