Oscar Naters/Ana Zavala


  • 1 September
    18:00 – 19:00
  • Duration: 60min


Choreography: Oscar Naters/Ana Zavala

Spirală symbolizes movement and a dynamic path, a return to memory. It is also a cosmic symbol that is repeated over and over again in nature. A staircase, a sacrificial table, sand, white cotton and bricks are the elements that make up this sacred enclosure where the journey, the return to oneself, begins. The dance takes place in the memory of the spectator, so that the tensions between the movements of the performer and the external gaze create a constant flow of sensations. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Peruvian company Integro presents a pioneering interdisciplinary exploration of the cosmic and mythical dimensions of the human, identity and interculturality.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCER Ana Zavala | DRAMATURGY Oscar Naters/Ana Zavala | MUSIC Inkeri Petrozzi | VIDEO Aldo Caceda | STAGE DESIGN Santiago Roose | LIGHT DESIGN Oscar Naters | COSTUME Alonso Nuñez | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Mariano Marquez | DIRECTION Oscar Naters

Funders and Supporters:
With the support of PROMPERU