Mario Bermúdez Gil

Wooden Bones

Wooden Bones

Choreography: Mario Bermúdez Gil

The solo by and with Mario Bermúdez Gil tells the story of an old man who reflects on his past, celebrating memories and past emotions. Wooden Bones is inspired by the true story of former athlete Antonio Gil Perez, who got handicapped at 28 and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The piece was created in a living room, as a study of time, the limitations of space and the weight of the different roles that shape a human life. What does it mean to wait? Where are we in our thoughts, with our hearts, in space? How does the passing of time fill the vacuum of waiting? Wooden Bones is intense and haunting, pleading for the rediscovery of joy, loss, pleasure and pain.

Duration of the piece: 15 minutes

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCER Mario Bermúdez Gil | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Lola Barroso

Wooden Bones