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Andrea Arobba

Big Bang

Big Bang

Choreography: Andrea Arobba

Big Bang is defined as a contemporary dance concert. It explores scientific themes, particularly derived from physics and cosmology. Technologies specially developed for this piece are used, including robotic elements and innovative lighting design. Big Bang inquires about our place in the world, and it does so from a perspective from characters who know little more than nothing. Nevertheless, they search with untiring enthusiasm (and sometimes also somewhat laughably) for an indication of their purpose of existence and a clue on what they are supposed to do here. Their search leads to an uninhibited, unbridled dance piece with live music and performance.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Juan Ibarlucea, Catalina Lans, Santiago Bone, Gianni Penna, Laura Rodriguez, Josefina Díaz, Bruno Brandolino, Celia Hope, María Pintado | MUSICIAN Juan Chao, Andrés Cuello, Mario Gulla, Lucía Gatti, Nicolás Parrillo | STAGE DESIGN Leticia Skrycky| LIGHT Leticia Scrycky, Santiago Rodriguez Tricot | DIRECTION Andrea Arobba | PRODUCER Cecilia Lussheimer