CCN – Ballet de Lorraine FR


Choreography: Petter Jacobsson, Thomas Caley

Get your funk on: DISCOFOOT is an ass kickin’, DJ spinin’, maybe even twerkin’ free-styling battle, where football’s rules are twisted and thrashed by dance. Let the choreography of the ball take you on a ride that passes the unknown and spectacular possibilities of this dead serious performance of a football match. You will never look at a pair of golden shorts and a “discofied” football the same again ...

Artistic Crew:
DANCERS Amandine Biancherin, Agnès Boulanger, Clara Brunet, Pauline Colemard, Inès Depauw, Angela Falk, Vivien Ingrams, Margaux Laurence, Valérie Ly-Cuong, Sakiko Oishi, Amélie Olivier, Elsa Raymond, Ligia Saldanha, Céline Schoefs, Jonathan Archambault, Alexis Bourbeau, Justin Cumine, Charles Dalerci, Flavien Esmieu, Nathan Gracia, Tristan Ihne, Jean-Baptiste Plumeau, Rémi Richaud, Willem Jan Sas, Luc Verbitzky | MUSIC DJ Ben Unzip

  • NRW-Forum Düsseldorf
    Ehrenhof 2
    40479 Düsseldorf
  • 30 August
    13:00 – 13:30
  • Duration: 30min
  • Contact person:
    Sophie Martin smartin@ballet-de-lorraine.eu