Choreography: Kyum Ahn, Gayoung Lee

A love relationship usually begins with passion. But sooner or later routine, alienation and dullness arise. Feelings fade. Then the gaps in the familiarity of a relationship become apparent, and loneliness spreads. We long for someone to fill that gap. The dance miniature Between explores the worn distance between two lovers who do not recognize each other even though they are close. On stage, performers and choreographers Kyum Ahn and GaYoung Lee represent an ordinary couple in an ordinary relationship. Between evokes the will to fight for love and win back the loved one.

Tickets (public audience)

Artistic Crew:
CHOREOGRAPHY Gayoung Lee, Kyum Ahn | DANCERS Gayoung Lee, Kyum Ahn | MUSIC Johnny ripper, Richard Rodgers | LIGHT DESIGN Sungheon Lee | COSTUME Eunyoung Kim | MANAGER Boramie Lee, Soohye Jang

Funders and Supporters:
Korea Arts Management Service