Colectivo Lamajara


Colectivo Lamajara ES

Reinaldo Ribeiro & Daniel Rosado

Al Voltant

Al Voltant

Choreography: Reinaldo Ribeiro & Daniel Rosado

A celebration of friendship, (re)presented by two individuals similar in physical appearance but different in their characteristics. The duo mimics the encounter and the experiences between friends, moving forward together and the spontaneity of this movement. Al Voltant values the bond of friendship. An ode to the people who are close to us, who accompany us on our way to self.

Artistic Crew / Team:
CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY Reinaldo Ribeiro y Daniel Rosado | ORIGINAL MUSIC Sebastián Garcia Ferro| LIGHT DESIGN Bernal Jansà | PRODUCTION Colectivo Lamajara, Lola Rodriguez | PROJECT MANAGER Valeria Cosi | ARTISTIC COLLABORATORS Arantza López medina, Sebastián García Ferro

Funders and Supporters:
La Caldera, C. Cívico Barceloneta, Can Gassol, SaNau