Iron Skulls Co ES


Choreography: Iron Skulls Co

Sinestesia is set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this no-man's-land of flashing searchlights and grotesque gas masks, a group of survivors starts on a journey towards safety. Hip hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance merge into a body language. In this virtuoso drama and sublime contemplation about togetherness and survival, the border between the human and the animal becomes inseparably blurred.

Artistic Crew:
COREOGRAPHY & PERFORMERS Adrián Vega, Agnés Sales, Diego Garrido, Facundo Martín, Héctor Plaza “Buba”, Luis A. Muñoz, Moisés “Moe” | ART RESIDENCES Civic Center Barceloneta, Civic Center Les Corts, L’Estruch, El Graner, Varium Spai, CC Sant Adriá de Besós (Barcelona) | COSTUME & LIGHT DESIGN Iron Skulls Co | LIGHT Petar Tanev, Óscar González

Funders and Supporters:
COLLABORATOR: Festival Hop, Barcelona