Korea National Contemporary Dance Company


Korea National Contemporary Dance Company KR

Sungsoo Ahn



Choreography: Sungsoo Ahn

Immixture creates “visible music” by combining tunes and movements from the East and the West. The beats of Korean traditional music resonate far, and the rhythms are full of suggestion. By contrast, Western music has brief, clear beats and an emphasis on melody. While Korean traditional dance celebrates the beauty of curves and relies on inner calm and the power of the breath, Western dance tends to be extroverted, straightforward and expressive. Throughout ten scenes, dance and music from these two heterogeneous worlds amalgamate. The result is a performative distillation of Korea’s beauty on stage.

Tickets (public audience)

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Juhee Lee, Hyun Kim, Seoyun Jeong, Minji Kim, Ilyoung Seo | LIGHT DESIGN Keonyoung Kim | TECHNICAL DIRECTOR & STAGE MANAGER Joohyun Lee