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Physical Momentum MX

Francisco Córdova

In third Person

In third Person

Choreography: Francisco Córdova

In third Person is derived from the idea of “the Other” as ourselves: contemplating and watching oneself through the eyes of the others, literally talking about oneself in third person. It alludes to “the Other” as the demonization and dehumanization of who we are as individuals. An overwhelming, intense and technically powerful spectacle by choreographer Francisco Córdova.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Alfonso López, Carlos Zamora, Luis Vallejo, Francisco Córdova | DRAMATURGY Francisco Córdova | SOUND DESIGNER Manuel Estrella | STAGE DESIGN Judith Colomer (UE), Héctor Lara (México) | MULTIMEDIA PROGRAMMING Raúl Mendo | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Arturo Cruz | ARTISTIC COLLABORATORS Alberto Pérez, José Alberto Gallardo

Jaciel Neri | Moving Borders | Tanz Dance Mexico / Mexican Choreographers and Independent Dance Companies

In third Person