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Nicole Seiler

The Wanderers Peace

The Wanderers Peace

Choreography: Nicole Seiler

The Wanderers Peace sheds light on the life of German dancer and choreographer Beatrice Cordua. From biographical-documentary material, supplemented by the levels of language and (moving) images, the sensitive portrait of a woman emerges. By looking at the past and sharing Cordua’s experiences with and connection to dance with the audience, The Wanderers Peace gives an insight into the development of dance in the last decades.

Artistic Crew / Team:
CONCEPT Nicole Seiler | PERFORMANCE Beatrice Cordua | STAGE DESIGN AND TECHNIQUE Vincent Deblue | COSTUME DESIGN Madlaina Peer | ASSISTANT COSTUME DESIGN Nina Langosch | SOUND Vincent Glanzmann, Stéphane Vecchionne | TECHNIQUE Jan Humbel | CASTING Alexandra Paul | ADMINISTRATION Laurence Rochat | TOUR MANAGEMENT Michaël Monney

Transit productions, Zürich | Cie Nicole Seiler, Lausanne

Funders and Supporters:
Ville de Lausanne | Etat de Vaud | CORODIS | Pro Helvetia, fondation suisse pour la culture