National Dance Company Wales GB


Choreography: Marcos Morau

Eight dancers unite into one organism, a kind of centipede with many limbs, as if controlled by a brain. Tundra draws upon Russian Revolution in Soviet times and folkloristic Russian folk dances to reflect the strength of communication, collaboration and listening between dancers. A powerful and engaging piece, like the vastness of this barren landscape itself.

Artistic Crew:
DANCERS Oliver Chapman, Kat Collins, Cyril Durand-Gasselin, Ed Myhill, Mathew Prichard, Elena Sgarbi, Marine Tournet Tim Vollerman | CHOREOGRAPHER Marcos Morau | CHOREOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS Marina Rodriguez, Lorena Nogal & Lee Johnston | MUSIC Svadebnie pesni (Duhovskaya): Olga Sergeeva, Cradle Song (Russian Dewish): Kitka, Smalaþula (Icelandic poem/Cerdd o Wlad yr Ia) 1559 W. Cunningham Cosmogr. Glasse 125: Akira Rebelais, Fail: Demdike Stare, Consumed: The Haxan Cloack, Shisen: Mariah | LIGHTING & SCENOGRAPHY Joe Fletcher | COSTUME DESIGN Angharad Matthews

Funders and Supporters:
Arts Council Wales

© Rhys Cozens