Booth Rental

Currently, you cannot rent a booth for internationale tanzmesse nrw 2018. Booth rental will start in summer 2017, the exact date will published online and in our newsletter. If you have any question regarding the booth rental process please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Booth rental process

    Step 1: Create a Tanzmesse account

    Your account is created instantly. Or log into you exsisting account from Tanzmesse 2018.

    Step 2: Login to your account and choose "Rent A Booth"

    Once you have filled in your booth request form, the Tanzmesse staff will check and confirm availability within a few days.

    Step 3: Pay your booth

    Upon payment completion, you are confirmed as a Booth Coordinator and you have access to different functionalities: send a proposal for the Artistic Programme or invite companies of your booth to do so, fill in info about your booth, etc.

    Here you can find our Terms & Conditions for Booth Rental.

  • Deadlines

    June 2017

    Booth rental opens.

    June 2017 until 31 March 2018

    Regular rental

    • Booth rental fees described above apply.
    • Cancellation policy:
      Before 1 November 2017 there is no cancellation fee, but an administration fee of €100 + VAT + bank transfer fees if applicable will be payable.
      From 2 November 2017 to 31 March 2018, a cancellation fee applies: 50% of the total price of the booth + administration fee of €100 + VAT + bank transfer fees if applicable will be payable.

    1 April until Tanzmesse 2018

    Late rental

    • Booth rental fees as described above + 20% late rental fee
    • Cancellation policy:
      A cancellation fee applies: 100% of the total price of the booth + administration fee of €100 + VAT + bank transfer fees if applicable.
  • Sizes and prices

    Exhibition booths can be rented in three sizes, either as "Information Booths" or as "Sales Booths".

    Information Booth

    for organisations directly involved with production, organisation, networking of contemporary dance: dance companies, agencies, governmental organisations & agencies, networks, etc.

    • Info-Regular (appr. 4 m²): € 530.00 *
    • Info-Medium (appr. 10 m²): € 1,380.00 *
    • Info-Large (appr. 16 m²): € 2,590.00 *

    Sales Booth

    for dance-related businesses: dancing clothes, dance floors, film-makers, etc.

    • Sales-Regular (appr. 4 m²): € 630.00 *
    • Sales-Medium (appr. 10 m²): € 1,580.00 *
    • Sales-Large (appr. 16 m²): € 3,420.00 *

    * All prices above are shown exclusive VAT (7%)

  • Booth rental includes

    Whether you rent out an Information Booth or a Sales Booth, your rental is a package that, in addition to your booth, entitles you to the following:

    • Two free badges per booth
    • Two free applications for the performance programme

    After you have completed your booth rental, you will receive a confirmation and information on how to benefit from these free accreditations.