© Dirk Rose
© Dirk Rose

The Agora is the networking hub of internationale tanzmesse nrw. Companies, artists, institutions, and organisations present themselves here. The Agora functions as a meeting place for dance professionals and is the place where guest performances are arranged, cooperation are initiated, and new projects emerge.

The open design of the Agora is meant to create room for new encounters and networking. The absence of walls allows for better exchange and contact without barriers.

“The spatial design for the Agora should be read as a collective hybrid. It consists of two main elements: the bench, and the flag. They are meant to create datums of temporary belonging, indicators for how to navigate a space, and how –– and in which social context –– to stop and engage.

All physical elements were designed with the maximum openness and visibility in mind, allowing the visitor and participant to quickly scan the space when entering and to be able to navigate the territory accordingly.”

Architect Markus Miessen, Studios Miessen

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