Compagnie Chute Libre


Compagnie Chute Libre FR

Pierre Bolo & Annabelle Loiseau

Anarchy - The harmony of disorder

Anarchy - The harmony of disorder

Choreography: Pierre Bolo & Annabelle Loiseau

Cie Chute Libre is trying to find a balance between disorder and harmony, individuality and social order: How do we coexist without dominating while tolerating other types of creature/ people? The group of nine female and male dancers are all different in terms of age, height, ethnicity, culture, ways of thinking and dancing. Should each dancer follow the movement of the group, or affirm his/her individuality? The performance raises questions of individual freedom and social harmony and creates a micro society on stage.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Salem Mouhajir, Aïda Boudriga, Gabriel Um Tegue, Elsa Morineaux, Kevin Ferré, Patrick Flégeo, Andrège Bidiamambu, Floriane Leblanc, Pierre Bolo | LIGHT Véronique Hemberger | COSTUMES Annabelle Loiseau

French ministry of culture, the city of Nantes, the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and the Departement of Loire-Atlantique. The city of Saint-Herblain, Théâtre Jean Vilar in Vitry/ Seine, Spedidam, Adami, CCN la Rochelle/ Kader Attou/ Cie Accrorap, CNDC Angers/ Robert Swinston, CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne/ Mourad Merzouki/ Cie Käfig, Pays de la Loire regional theatre in Cholet, Le Lieu Unique, Rouen-Normandy CDN / David Bobee.

Anarchy - The harmony of disorder