Nicola Galli


Nicola Galli IT

Nicola Galli / TIR Danza

delle ultime visioni cutanee

  • 31 August
    20:00 – 20:40
  • tanzhaus nrw | Studio 6
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Duration: 40min
  • Area: 115
    TIR Danza

delle ultime visioni cutanee

Choreography: Nicola Galli / TIR Danza

Delle ultime visioni cutanee is based on the presentation of an installation environment, applying in an analytical way the principle of reproduction in the greenhouse. In this habitat the plant begins its life cycle, from planting and sprouting to obtaining the fruit, which will become protection, nourishment and a means of reproduction for the seed. The action is divided into 4 chapters, which correspond to the representation of 4 landscapes: botanic, orographic, ethological, scenic.