Noema Dance Works / Alexandra Waierstall


Noema Dance Works / Alexandra Waierstall DE

Alexandra Waierstall

Archaeologies Of A Near Future

Archaeologies Of A Near Future

Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall

What can make darkness visible and silence audible? How can movement be felt and perceptions be made conscious? In her work for three dancers the Düsseldorf choreographer Alexandra Waierstall examines the transitions from sensations to knowledge. The upshot can be seen in minimalist images that at times allow us to immerse ourselves in the experience of the movement, and at other times allows us to observe them in a sober manner. The starting point is the body as an individual archive of lived experiences: an archive in a constant exchange with its surroundings. Movement unfolds as an interplay of attachment and distance, participation and testimony, common ground and difference.

Double bill with: Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater / Olga Pona (RU)