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Ross McCormak

As It Stands

As It Stands

Choreography: Ross McCormak

As It Stands is a powerful, awe-inspiring dance work that pushes the limits of virtuosic dance and design. Influenced by the creations of American sculptor, Richard Serra, large sculptures punctuate a ritualistic world of mystery and knowledge. Eight dancers are the inhabitants/guardians and the environment creates the rules by which they move. Made up of formidable steel-like monoliths that tower upwards from the floor, the setting imposes a striking contrast between the order of design and the chaos of human nature, in this space hard structural lines and fragile sinuous movement meet.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DIRECTOR, CHOREOGRAPHER, SET DESIGNER Ross McCormack | SOUND DESIGNER Jason Wright | LIGHT DESIGNER Natasha James | TECHNICAL DESIGNER Isaac McCormick | DRAMATURG Melanie Hamilton | COSTUME DESIGNER Vicki Slow | DANCERS James Vu Anh Pham, Lauren Langlois, Luke Hanna, Emily Adams, Jeremy Beck, Tiana Lung, Christina Guieb, Toa Paranihi | SCENIC ARTIST AND AV DESIGNER Owen McCarthy

Funders and Supporters:
Auckland Arts Festival 2019

As It Stands