Performance Parcours

Pere Faura SP

Bomberos con grandes mangueras

Choreography: Pere Faura

The aesthetics of arousal are at the centre of Pere Faura’s performance. The ceaseless circling of hula-hoops to the music of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, accompanied by erotic groans, is an interplay between total abstraction and concrete contextualisation. Pornographic rhythms provides the model for practical choreography – and spectators become voyeurs.

Bomberos con grandes mangueras
Pere Faura - Bomberos Con Grandes Mangueras ©Sonia Carballo Socatoba
  • Weltkunstzimmer
    Düsseldorf City
    Ronsdorfer Str. 77a
    40233 Düsseldorf
  • 30 August
    15:30 – 19:00
  • Total duration: 210min