Have you ever attended the Tanzmesse? We need you!

Have you ever attended the Tanzmesse? We need you!
internationale tanzmesse nrw 2014 ©Dmitrij Matvejev

Tanzmesse is looking for experienced Tanzmesse participants to share their tips for Tanzmesse 2016

You’ve experienced it first: taking part in the Tanzmesse can be quite a challenge, especially for Exhibitors and Artists participating for the first time. There are number of questions for those new to the Tanzmesse to consider:

How to organise a booth?
How to submit an artistic proposal correctly?
Where to stay in Düsseldorf?
How to meet the right people?

Our team always tries think of all the questions Tanzmesse Exhibitors, Artists and Visitors may have, but your experience as a former Tanzmesse participant is invaluable. Would you be willing to now help Tanzmesse-newcomers by sharing your personal stories and offering us your most helpful insights?

We will include your tips and suggestions in our Exhibitor’s Guide and try to ensure that we give the best possible support to our first-time participants. If you are interested please send us a short email now. We will get back to you promptly by email or on the phone to hear about your recommendations.
Thank you in advance for your great help!