adelheid CA

Heidi Strauss

on air

on air

Choreography: Heidi Strauss

on air is a physical performance conversation between three women who delicately, forcibly, and collectively ruminate on the complexities of human connection in the digital age, generational difference, and the state of being in-between. It wraps the audience and performers together in an intimate suspended world to experience elasticity of time, passages between points of arrival and departure. In Heidi Strauss’ works, relationships form a basis to consider our current social and environmental moment. She is interested in the ‘realness’ of where and who we are, here and now – how we are affected by the world around us.

Moderation: Cathy Levy & Mirna Zagar

Artistic Crew / Team:
PERFORMERS Syreeta Hector, Jane-Alison McKinney, Amanda Pye | COMPOSER Joshua Van Tassel | LIGHT André Du Toit | PROJECTION Jeremy Mimnagh | COSTUMES Alana Elmer | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Kit Simmons, Aaron Kelly | REHEARSAL ASSISTANT Dedra McDermott

Citadel & Compagnie

Funders and Supporters:
Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Lindy Green & Sam Chaiton, Citadel & Compagnie, Orillia Centre for Arts and Culture, Art Spin.
The presentation of the Canadian dance field at internationale tanzmesse nrw is funded by the Canada Council of the Arts and the Governemt of Canada.