Companhia Híbrida


Companhia Híbrida BR

Renato Cruz da Silveira



Choreography: Renato Cruz da Silveira

Renato Cruz’ production Contenção is the third part in a series that proposes a discussion about current times. In the production, a study on immobilization is presented, a metaphor for oppression and the restriction of freedom, for the rise of a retrograde and extremist discourse that has plagued Brazil in recent years. In the first part, Non Stop, accelerated time was the motto for creation. The second part, Ininterrupto, approached the metaphor of an attempt to keep moving even after the individual had internalized the mechanisms of social control.

Moderation: Nassrah-Alexia Denif

Artistic Crew / Team:
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Renato Cruz | CHOREOGRAPHER Renato Cruz , Aline Teixeira | DANCERS Daniel Oliveira, Jefte Francisco, Fábio de Andrade, Luciano Mendes, Luciana Monnerat, Yuri Braga, Raphael Lima, Luidy Trindade | LIGHT DESIGNER Renato Machado | ARTISTIC COLLABORATORS Volmir Cordeiro, Rafael Smadja | GRAPHIC DESIGNER Isabela Schubert | CO-PRODUCTION Sesc Rio, Parc de La Villette

Cia Híbrida / Sesc Rio / Parc de La Villette

Funders and Supporters:
Sesc Rio / Parc de La Villette

The presentation at internationale tanzmesse nrw is supported by Goethe Institut.