BANDART Productions (L1 Association) HU

Dancing Graffiti - There's always a wall

Choreography: Ch. Katalin Lengyel | Media: iSzabolcs Tóth-Zs

You can always find a wall. And a socket. Scarcely anything more is needed for this magical pas de deux between a woman dancer and a digital brush. At times she surrenders to it, allows herself to be led and adorned, decked with commentaries, and at times she turns the tables, takes control, runs away, gives the brush life and movement. In the form of a 3D comic, a universal code consisting of children’s drawings and graffiti is created before our eyes by means of a tablet, projection and techno grooves. The light-footed (and light-handed!) story tells of a young woman, taking her from childhood through puberty to the life that awaits her...

Also plays on Thursday 28.08 and Saturday 30.08 (22:00)

Dancing Graffiti - There's always a wall
BANDART Productions - Dancing Graffiti ©
  • tanzhaus nrw
    Small Stage
    Erkrather Str. 30
    40233 Düsseldorf
  • 29 August
    22:00 – 22:20
  • Duration: 20min