Booth Information

The following sections provide information about booth size and specifications, and information about how best to equip your booth.

  • Exhibition Booths

    Booths sizes:

    Regular: ca. 4 m²

    Medium: ca. 10 m²

    Large: ca. 16 m²

    Booths with a customized size are available on request per email.

    All Tanzmesse booths are constructed from a metal frame with interior hardboard for the walls.

    External measurements of individual metal frames: 99 x 250 cm. Measurements of the interior hardboard boards (the space where you can hang or attach materials): 95 x 238 cm.

    You will find all the information you need to prepare your booth in the Exhibitor’s Guide, which can be downloaded on this page.

  • Decor

    The Tanzmesse Exhibition Halls are designed for Exhibitors to arrange and equip their Tanzmesse booths as they wish. We encourage professional standards, but also hope you will design booths that are creative and unique! We also encourage you to think of environmental-friendly solutions when designing your booth. There are several places where you can rent equipment and furniture for your booth. We recommend that you look at our official suppliers catalogue first as they guarantee a discount for Tanzmesse Exhibitors. Here you can download the official suppliers' catalogue.

    You’ll find many tips in the Exhibitor’s Guide, which can be downloaded here.

    Our booth-building partner is able to provide content/motifs for your Tanzmesse walls, through an additional order. The walls can be printed according to your templates on an adhesive film and mounted onto the hardboard walls before your arrival. You can contact our partners Paralleldisplay for this service:

  • Exhibitor’s Guide

    We are happy to announce the publication of our first Exhibitor's Guide! In this guide, there are a lot of tools for your participation as an exhibitor and performing artist in the Tanzmesse. We have been trying to answer some of the questions a first-time participant may have:

    • What should be considered before renting a booth? And what does renting a booth mean?
    • What is the role of the Booth Coordinator?
    • How should / can a booth help promote the activities of a company?
    • ...

    In this guide, you will also find dozens of brilliant tips from our experienced Tanzmesse participants.