Elisabete Finger + Giradança


Elisabete Finger + Giradança BR

Elisabete Finger



Choreography: Elisabete Finger

GRAÇA is a glimpse into the diversity of female bodies and their not always diverse representations. Three performers embody postures and positions, more or less familiar, found in personal archives, women’s magazines, advertisements, paintings, and sculptures. From ancient mythology to contemporary life, how have women been portrayed? Which bodies are protagonists in these representations, and what actions are attributed to them? Here, choreography becomes an “economy” – a regime of activities that governs a dance – to embody narratives, to make and unmake our own archetypes of beauty, power, fertility, ecstasy, love, and war.

Artistic Crew / Team:
CONCEPT AND CHOREOGRAPHY Elisabete Finger | IN COLLABORATION WITH Alexandre Américo, Ana Vieira, Jânia Santos, Joselma Soares | PERFORMANCE Ana Vieira, Jânia Santos and Joselma Soares | PAINTINGS Elisabete Finger, Ana Vieira and Samuel Oliveira | ARTISTIC DIRECTION Alexandre Américo | ASSISTENT Ana Vieira | DOCUMENTATION Samuel Oliveira | LIGHT Camila Tiago | PHOTOS Brunno Martins, Guesc and Debby Gram | PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT Celso Filho / Listo! Produções Artísticas + Corpo Rastreado/Corpo a Fora | ARTISTIC RESIDENCIES Espaço Gira Dança (Natal/BR) and Casa Líquida (São Paulo/BR) | REALIZED BY Companhia Gira Dança | FINANCIAL DIRECTION Cecilia Amaral | DIRECTOR OF ESPAÇO GIRA DANÇA Roberto Morais | THIS PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY Rumos Itaú Cultural Prize | 2022

Funders and Supporters:
Rumos Itaú Cultural Dança Prize