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Gabi Gonçalves

Corpo Rastreado

Corpo Rastreado

Choreography: Gabi Gonçalves

The network Corpo Rastreado has been established in December 2005 and brings together diverse associated bodies that desire, imagine, invent, create and realize. Corpo Rastreado unites producers, artistes and technicians who plan, implement and believe in cooperation between bodies as the first material for artistic creation.

Tracing our history means finding traces of many other stories.
Our method is the process. Our ally is time. Our secret is affection.
Our practice is cooperative. Our politics is culture.

Artistic Crew / Team:
Alba Roque, Anderson Vieira, Angelo Fabio, Ariane Cuminale, Carmen Mawu Lima, Danusa Carvalho, Felipe Feldman, Fernando Pivotto, Gabi Gonçalves, Gabs Ambròzia, Gisely Alves, Graciane Diniz, Jack dos Santos, Jacob Alves, Jéssica Rodrigues, Keila Maschio, Leo Devitto, Letícia Alves, Lucas Cardoso, Lud Picosque, Nathalia Christine, Rodrigo Fidelis, Tamara Andrade e Vinicius Inacio.