Luis Garay


Luis Garay CO/AR

Karen Carabajal and Luis Garay



Choreography: Karen Carabajal and Luis Garay

A dance of resistance, a fight sculpture – in DAIMON, Luis Garay collaborates with Argentine boxer Karen (“The Bubble”) Carabajal for the creation of a fluttering landscape that explores the moment in which the artificial becomes “natural” and when what we think is “natural” reveals itself as constructed. Between fragility and strength, a feminine masculinity that explores movement as labour. DAIMON explores the violence of duty but also a non-normative type of pleasure and enters a space between imminence (pure exercise) and transcendence (faith, imagination, myth, superstition).

Artistic Crew / Team:
CREATION Karen (La Burbuja) Carabajal and Luis Garay | PERFORMER Karen Carabajal | GUEST PERFORMER Nele Ruckelshausen | LIVE SOUND Slim Soledad | MUSIC Guillermina Etkin | LIGHT DESIGN Sylvie Melis | SPACE DESIGN: Vanina Scolavino and Luis Garay | CONCEPT Luis Garay

Funders and Supporters:
The presentation at internationale tanzmesse nrw is supported by Goethe Institut.