Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus

Digital – Performance

Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus UK

Anatomies of Intelligence (live)

  • 3 September
    19:00 – 19:30
  • Tanzmesse Digital Space | Online
  • Duration: 30min

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  • * Content Notes: During this performance it will be presented imagery containing graphic content not suitable for all viewers (including explicit images of human anatomy).

Anatomies of Intelligence (live)

Anatomies of Intelligence (AoI) is an algorithmic live performance which brings out a sensory experience for existing with and within the bodies of data science. This series of performances take place in an immersive audio-visual setting, combining voice, composed sound and visual projections to create an experience of a single machine learning algorithm as it unfolds, “slowed down” to a scale perceptible to humans. It is an artistic research project led by Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus, who work together to make connections between the formats and collections of anatomical knowledge and investigations into the “anatomy” of computational learning and prediction processes, datasets and machine learning models.


• Please be on time for the performance, and don’t refresh your browser during the show.
• allow pop-up windows in your browser (it may be helpful to share this link with instructions: )
• enable sound in your browser and device;
• best experienced in the latest version firefox or chrome;
• access using a laptop (not a smartphone)
• close down the Digital Tanzmesse Space during the performance to reduce Data volume

Artistic Crew / Team:
Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus

Funders and Supporters:
V2_Lab for Unstable Media, Umanesimo Artificiale, AMAT and iii - Instrument

Anatomies of Intelligence (live)