Giovanfrancesco Giannini / Körper

Open Studio

Giovanfrancesco Giannini / Körper IT

Giovanfrancesco Giannini


  • 3 September
    14:00 – 15:20
  • tanzhaus nrw | Studio 5
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Total duration: 80min
  • Area: 5


Choreography: Giovanfrancesco Giannini

A choreographic device interacts with the data flows of an ever present internet connection. In CLOUD, the performance space is connected to remote geographies, in a medial landscape which draws on information. Through images, videos and digital streams, the performer takes the audience on a journey through the archived data of his personal memory. CLOUD is a reflection on the politics of images, on the media representation of bodies and the violence against them, and on memory as an archive of moving data – real and virtual.

Moderation: Anja Arend

Artistic Crew / Team:
CHOREOGRAPHER/DANCER Giovanfrancesco Giannini | LIGHT DESIGNER Valeria Foti CURATORSHIP/ RESEARCH Gianmaria Borzillo, Denis De Rosa, Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Antonia Treccagnoli   

Ariella Vidach - AiEP, Santarcangelo Festival

Funders and Supporters:
MiC - Italian Ministry of Culture and Campania Region, Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal, Teatr Łaźnia Nowa – Dom Utopï - Cracovia, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Colonia /MiC-General direction of performing arts