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Bahar Temiz / KVS & Ultima Vez BE

Bahar Temiz



Choreography: Bahar Temiz

For her latest creation, PUNKT, choreographer Bahar Temiz takes stories of the first balloon explorers as starting point. Together with the performers Amanda Barrio Charmelo and Igor Shyshko, she walks the lines between dance and visual art. They play with perception, push against dimensions and take the audience to higher spheres. Bahar Temiz is currently a part of the KVS ensemble, represented by Ultima Vez, and is working on the completion of the trilogy, of which ICE and PUNKT are part.

Moderation: Anja Arend

Artistic Crew / Team:
CONCEPT/CHOREOGRAPHY Bahar Temiz created with Amanda Barrio Charmelo & Igor Shyshko | PERFORMANCE Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Igor Shyshko, Bahar Temiz | SCENOGRAPHY/LIGHTING DESIGN Pol Matthé | SOUND DESIGN Charo Calvo |DRAMATURGY Dina Dooreman | ARTISTIC ADVICE Marc Vanrunxt TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Nele Verreyken PRODUCTION MANAGER Nadia El Mahi