Online Platform

Tanzmesse Online Platform

More than ever we need to stay united. Especially, in times of closed theatres, physical distancing and lockdowns, we feel the urge to reach out to the Tanzmesse community.

On 27 August 2020 we made a digital trip to Düsseldorf and discussed with the international dance community about "How to get dance back on the road? - Touring, artist's mobility & international collaboration".

Not only the impact of Covid-19 on the performing arts sector is huge but also the shifts in context that the pandemic has catalyzed are concerning artists and cultural professionals. What has become even more visible is the inequalities in our society and in the arts and this raises many big questions:

  • How do we as artists and cultural professionals address and deal with inequality in terms of access to funding and mobility in our work? What is the impact on artistic mobility and international collaboration?
  • How can equal access to mobility, funding and networking be provided in an international context?
  • How do we collaborate across power dynamics?
  • What are possible strategies to make international collaboration work in the current situation?

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who made this event possible and to all participants who made this a very vivid exchange and networking event!