Tereza Hradilková, Floex & coll.


Tereza Hradilková, Floex & coll. CZ

Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková)

Don´t stop

Don´t stop

Choreography: Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková)

Calmly survey the hall.
Hold your breath.
Raise your hand.
Wait for silence and for everyone to settle down.
Set the tempo, seize attention, and hold it firmly in your grasp.

In her new project Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková) tests the possibilities of expressing the ungraspable worlds of music, passion, sexuality. The starting point for this topic is the figure of the conductor, a person who seemingly holds the keys to the world of music. Lenerová reveals the desire to control music, she is interested in the moments when she has the situation under control, all the more so when music (passion) dominates and physical expression is at first glance in disharmony. She asks when and how we assume the role of conductor in
our own lives, to what extent do we hold passion under control and when does passion have control over us. Who is the conductor within us?

Artistic Crew / Team:
CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková) | DANCER Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková) | MUSIC Floex | LIGHT DESIGN Zuzana Režná | COSTUME Marjetka Kürner Kalous | PRODUCTION Veronika Hladká | PRODUCER Jakub Hradilek | SPECIAL THANKS Jan Horák | THANKS Jean Gaudin, Fabienne Haber

Tanec Praha / PONEC - dance venue, Studio Truhlárna, Centre national de la dance Pantin, Czech Centre Paris, Plum Yard

Funders and Supporters:
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague, Život umělce Foundation