TWObigsteps Collective


TWObigsteps Collective CA

Marissa Wong



Choreography: Marissa Wong

How does technology affect our perception? Livespace is an immersive movement installation that questions the technological lens and its influence on how we receive information. The performance engages two audiences, one in the physical installation space, and the other online via a Facebook livestream. The audience will see the piece from either the live or the online viewpoint. The installation is choreographically designed to create different experiences for the respective viewpoints, and further challenges the way technology shapes our experiences.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Katie Cassady, Stéphanie Cyr, Sarah Formosa, Matisse Maitland, Eden Solomon | MUSIC Jamie Bradbury

Funders and Supporters:
Canada Council for the Arts, The Dance Centre, Hop Bop Shop