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In The Shadows Of Darkness

  • 27 August
    16:10 – 16:40
  • tanzhaus nrw | Studio 4
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Duration: 30min
  • Area:
    Dance South Africa

In The Shadows Of Darkness

Choreography: Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE

This solo dance piece is a personal journal based on Tebby W.T. Ramasike's recent trip to South Africa, revisiting his homeland, to reconnect with his roots, his family, his people, his birthplace – after many years. The piece addresses the 'eye opening' experiences that he acquired, being confronted and challenged by the situation as well as the emotional feelings and questions that arose. It also dresses the situation that we currently live in – war, violence, corruption and inhumanity are the 'norm' of our existence. Wake up, we fall!

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCER Tebby W.T. Ramasike MUSIC Black Sun Productions, Lena Circus with Hiroko Komiya, Hiroko Komiya | LIGHT, COSTUMES, TECHNICAL DIRECTION, ARTISTIC COLLABORATORS Ellen Knops, Margot Olliveaux, Karl Humbug, Anita Callaghan, Pierce Wyss, Hiroko Komiya, Jacob Elkin

Association culturelle franco-japonaise de TENRI

Funders and Supporters:
Association culturelle franco-japonaise de TENRI, TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembougeois , Spazio NU – Danza e Movimento, Servicewerk Berlin / Zitadelle Spandau-Berlin / Galerie Historischer Keller, Shawbrook Forest Dance Centre & Theatre, La Vilella Teatre, Kultuurfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette

In The Shadows Of Darkness