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Kinetic Orchestra Dance Company FI

Jarkko Mandelin

I'm Liquid

  • 29 August
    16:50 – 17:20
  • tanzhaus nrw | Studio 4
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Duration: 30min
  • Area:
    Dance Info Finland

I'm Liquid

Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin

I’m liquid plays the with the illusion of the dancers being transformed into flowing water. Their cross-sectional changes in movement forms create the impression of rippling, occasionally threatening, and unpredictable water. The martial art belts around the dancers’ waists are the forming part of their costumes and allow them to lift and carry one another, creating the illusion of zero gravity.

Artistic Crew / Team:
CHOREOGRAPHER Jarkko Mandelin |  DANCERS Oskari Turpeinen, Sanni Giordani, Anni Koskinen, Iiro Näkki | LIGHTING DESIGN Jukka Huitila | SOUND DESIGN Janne Hast | COSTUME DESIGN Kirsi Gum

Funders and Supporters:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helsinki City, The Finnish Cultural Foundation

I'm Liquid