Figure of 8 Dance Collective


Figure of 8 Dance Collective ZA

The cast under the direction of Grant van Ster & Shaun Oelf

WAG | Waiting

  • 27 August
    21:15 – 22:10
  • CENTRAL | Small Stage
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Duration: 55min
  • Area:
    Dance South Africa

WAG | Waiting

Choreography: The cast under the direction of Grant van Ster & Shaun Oelf

Waiting is an integral part of our lives. We experience different kinds of waiting every day. How long do we wait? What are we waiting for? How do we experience and deal with waiting? WAG | WAITING will explore these questions, portraying how various people handle waiting differently and how we respond to waiting situations: In today’s fast-paced and highly charged world, waiting teaches us patience and, in some cases, tolerance. However, waiting can also lead to stress, a cartwheel of emotions and exhausting situations. Whereas in a moment of total stillness and quietness, waiting can become a moment of peace and joy.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Dustin Jannetjies, Gabriela Dirkse, Grant van Ster and Shaun Oelf | SET DESIGN Carin Bester | LIGHTING DESIGN Benever Arendse | PRODUCTION MANAGER Marie Vogts | STAGE MANAGER Marie Vogts

Funders and Supporters:
Baxter Theatre Centre

WAG | Waiting