Pablo Rotemberg

La Wagner

La Wagner

Choreography: Pablo Rotemberg

Four powerful women, like Valkyries, straddle Wagner’s music to grapple with stereotypes and prejudices about femininity, violence, sexuality, eroticism and pornography. The production is nothing less than a celebration of the female body’s intelligence and political potential, a ceremony of empowerment in which the performers take on the task of challenging cultural body images and exposing their toxic effects on women. Drawing on the equally controversial music and life of one of the most famous composers, the production provokes a clash between universes while forcing performers and audience to descend into the chaotic rifts between banality and the sublime, the irreverent and the sacred.

Artistic Crew / Team:
DANCERS Bárbara Alonso, Ayelén Clavin, Carla Di Grazia, Josefina Gorostiza, Carla Rímola | DRAMATURGY Pablo Rotemberg | MUSIC Richard Wagner | STAGE DESIGN Mauro Bernardini | LIGHT Fernando Berreta | SOUND Facundo Montoya, Guillermo Juhasz | VIDEO Martín Berra | PHOTO Paola Evelina Gallarato, Belén Iniesta | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Natalia Ponso, Lucía Llopis | ARTISTIC COLLABORATOR Martín Churba

El Cultural San Martín (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Funders and Supporters:
Prodanza (Argentina), Instituto Nacional del Teatro (Argentina)