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Sarah Baltzinger

What does not belong to us

What does not belong to us

Choreography: Sarah Baltzinger

By combining sometimes contradictory energies, What does not belong to us explores the notion of inheritance. Social, family, cultural or political inheritance, What does not belong to us is an element of our being, a baggage that we all carry within ourselves, in spite of ourselves. In this powerful physical dance performance two men embark on a sweat-drenched and engaging duet to the sound of high-energy electronic beats trying to discover a new dimension by letting go, taking risks and getting lost.

Artistic Crew / Team:
CHOREOGRAPHER Sarah Baltzinger | DANCERS William Cardoso, Nick Liestal | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Paul-François Leblan

Les Théâtres de la Ville du Luxembourg (LU) | Le Grand Théâtre (LU | Dispositif TALENT LAB (LU)

Funders and Supporters:
Arsenal - Cité Musicale de Metz (FR) | 3CL - Centre de Creation Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU) | Kinneksbond - Centre Culturel Mamer (LU) | Ville de Metz (FR) | Gouvernement du Grand Duché du Luxembourg (LU)

What does not belong to us