Shay Kuebler Radical System Art CA


Choreography: Shay Kuebler

Utilizing a blend of dance, theatre and martial arts, Telemetry shows how the human body is an antenna and satellite for sound, energy, and memory. Telemetry places an emphasis on the physical translation of radio sciences and radio systems, with interactive lighting and a physical language influenced by tap, swing, jazz and house dancing.

Artistic Crew:
DANCERS Keiran Bohay, Maxine Chadburn, Hayden Fong, Shay Kuebler, Katie Lowen, Tyler Layton Olson, Lexi Vajda | TAP DANCER Danny Nielsen | ARTISTIC DIRECTION & CHOREOGRAPHY Shay Kuebler | TAP CHOREOGRAPHY & IMPROVISATION Danny Nielsen | SOUND DESIGN Shay Kuebler and Kate De Lorme | TECHNICAL DIRECTION Ian Low | LIGHT DESIGN Craig Alfredson and Shay Kuebler | VIDEO & PROJECTION DESIGN Eric Chad | MUSIC SAMPLES Hedron by Badbadnotgood, Can’t stand the night by Badbadnotgood, Elania by Floating Points | COMPANY MANAGEMENT Belsher Arts Management

Chutzpah Festival – Vancouver, Canada | Danse Danse – Montreal, Canada | American Dance Festival – North Carolina, USA

Funders and Supporters:
Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council and City of Vancouver