New Americas


  • 1 September
    15:30 – 17:00
  • tanzhaus nrw
  • Duration: 90min

Moderator: Andrea Snyder, co-director, American Dance Abroad
Panel: Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez, executive director, CEPRODAC, Mexico
Rosy Simas, choreographer, Rosy Simas Danse, Minnesota, United States
Denis Bergeron, artist representative, Prom-Arts, Canada
Julie Voigt, senior program officer, Performing Arts, Walker Art Center, United States
George Skalkogiannis, director of development, Daniel Levellier Danse, Canada

Jairo Heli, artistic director, CrisolDance, Mexico

American Dance Abroad will host a discussion regarding the dance world’s evolving definition of the Americas, and the relationship between North America and Latin America. The dialogue will explore how we define this vast and diverse geographic region and how best we can share resources, partner to promote all artistic voices, and facilitate Intra-Americas cultural mobility for dance artists. Panellists representing various countries will offer unique perspectives on the artistic experience of the Americas.