Emanuele Soavi incompany

Open Studio

Emanuele Soavi incompany DE

Emanuele Soavi und Cora Bos-Kroese


  • 1 September
    15:30 – 16:00
  • tanzhaus nrw | Studio 3
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Duration: 30min
  • Area: 54
    iDASnrw / tanzhaus nrw


Choreography: Emanuele Soavi und Cora Bos-Kroese

For the third project of THE HABIT CYCLES, Emanuele Soavi incompany (Cologne) meets C-Scope (The Hague). Five performers aged 23 to 55 encounter each other in personal snapshots. All the while Dutch photographer Joris-Jan Bos observes the scenes, and his simultaneous projections add a new dimension to the performance.