Carte Blanche - The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance NO

The Who of Things

Choreography: Marcelo Evelin

The Brazilian Indians thought of everything in the world as human: stones, trees, the sky, the rain. They also believed in preserving “the other” within themselves by means of cannibalism. Using this metaphor as a point of departure, The Who of Things perceives the ecosystem as an organisation of life forms, for which rhythm and ritual play an integral part. Trying to overcome individualism, we are searching for a common ground, the condition of togetherness, and an expanding level of humanity for all beings.




The Who of Things
© Helge Hansen
  • tanzhaus nrw
    Big Stage
    Erkrather Str. 30
    40233 Düsseldorf
  • 31 August
    23:00 – 23:50
  • Duration: 50min
  • Exhibition Space: 62
    Performing Arts Hub Norway