Sylvia Camarda LU


Choreography: Sylvia Camarda

The female dancer stands unchallenged on the stage and celebrates her own martyrdom. She is partnered by Ravels “Bolero”, whose repetitive rhythm grows from pianissimo to an absolutely unbearable fortissimo. As in a trance she liberates herself from all her sins in a dramatically escalating baptism of blood. This sacred ceremony is breathtaking. Sylvia Camarda quotes from the bestial martyrdom of St. Agatha, Saint Lucia and Saint Sebastian and questions the meaning of religious self-sacrifice. A dance of life and death!

Triple bill with annahuber.compagnie. (CH) and NONAME SOSU (KR)

Sylvia Camarda - Martyr ©PatrickGalbats
  • Fabrik Heeder
    Big Stage & Small Stage
    Virchowstraße 130
    47805 Krefeld
  • 28 August
    16:00 – 17:45
  • Triple bill:
  • Total duration: 105min