Dafi Dance Group


Dafi Dance Group IL

Dafi Altabeb

Never the Less

  • 29 August
    19:00 – 20:03
  • tanzhaus nrw | Small Stage
  • Wheelchair Access Impaired mobility
  • Double bill:
    Moving Borders
  • Total duration: 63min

Never the Less

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

This relationship has something hopeless and desperate about it. As close as the two dancers are – their leaps are a form of avoidance, their embrace a loss of self. Their harmony is complete and simultaneously fragile. They will go their separate ways because they have to, at some time or another. And yet they say yes to each other. For apart from the single inevitable feeling that the end is fatefully near they feel nothing but freedom. All this is expressed in a multifaceted intertwined duet of small fine gestures. This captivating and honest creation by the young Israel Dafi Altabeb is neither more nor less than a single nevertheless!

Double bill with Moving Borders (MX)